Autoblow Review – Best Male Sex Toy !!!

Wow is all I can say to this toy. Actually, I think it’s kinda of funny this is called a toy. Because to me toys are things that kids play with. And this thing is the farthest thing a kid should ever be using. True, I was skeptical at first. I mean, is there really anything that compares to the real thing? But wow again.

If I could sum up the whole experience of the Autoblow Blast I’d say that it’s the best cock rattler out there that’s not made out of flesh and bone. It’s the best handsfree self-satisfaction I’ve ever experienced. Any guy should try it.

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Of course, no product is ever 100 percent perfect. Anyone who tells you it is is lying. Or just trying to sell you on their product. But this toy is damn near perfect and really does kick ass.  I have an average sized dick which works just fine with this toy. But a guy who’s a bit bigger, or thinks he’s bigger than he is, might not get quite the same amount of satisfaction from it that I did. And a guy with a slightly smaller or narrow dick won’t be able to easily blow his load with this toy because there won’t be enough pressure.

The length of the autoblow blast is 5 to 8 inches long. Plenty of room for the average dick. It’s also 4 to 6 inches wide which is big enough to provide enough pressure to milk the bull.

And it has soft spikes. Now if you’re like me, the idea of spikes makes you cringe, kinda cross your legs and grab your dick. But these aren’t the types of spikes that hurt. They’re soft enough to help create that mind blowing sensation of an actual blowjob. It’s so much better than jerking off and makes me cum a h*ll of a lot stronger than I’ve ever before.

I’m using the toy so much that I’m beginning to wonder if it’ll wear out. The Autoblow Blast is advertised as being made out of quality products with basically a promise that it can dish out anything a man can…release.  Think I’m going to have to take the advertiser’s word for it. I haven’t had it long enough to know for sure. All I know is that the toy is giving me some of the best head I’ve ever experienced!

Just thought of something as I was writing this review. I’m proud of being a good lover and being able to last long before blowing my load. I wonder if I can use the Autoblow Blast to help me last even longer. The sensations it causes give me the best and hardest orgasms I’ve had for a while. They’re really powerful. Makes me wonder if I can use the toy to increase my endurance. Mmm. Something to think about.


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